In 1953 an axemen's association by the name of the Hill's Association was established in Western Australia. Our club as it stood was not recognised as an association by the WA Axemen's League until the 13th November 1958. When the club was renamed the Progressive Axemen's Association of Western Australia Incorporated or PAAWA and has been recognised and known by this name ever since. 

PAAWA is responsible for woodchopping competitions throughout the Perth CBD and all surrounding suburbs north of Rockingham.

PAAWA has axemen who compete in all woodchopping events including Underhand, Standing Block, Tree Felling and Cross Cut Sawing. 

Junior wood chopping events comprise of competitors as young as 9 years wielding super-sharp axes. Novice competitors are generally new to the competition and are still to win an open event. Open and Championship events host some of the world's best axemen.



Want to join our club and get involved? We welcome all new members of any age!

Please contact our president Brett for more information 
p: (08) 9274 6033
m: 0412 905 370
e: enquiries@paawa.com.au

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The Progressive Axemen's Association is a part of the Australian Axeman's Association

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